It's a new year.....sort of

It's a new year.....sort of

Buffalotown is heading towards it's 3 year anniversary, which is great, but it's nothing but another day of the week for us. This may sound ungrateful, but being able to create, tell our story, build the brand, and make people happy....well those are the moments we celebrate. We love the entire process of Bufflaotown and savor every minute of it. Our 3 years isn't going to be defined by the anniversaries, but by the moments shared with our Buffalotown family. Every second that our customers allow us to keep doing this is a cause for celebration. Sgi (Thank You)
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Hey I love y’all and your brand. I think the indigenous culture needs to be more celebrated. Maybe even, I dare say, mainstream. I hope y’all keep growing and releasing new things. If y’all ever need help or even a design job opens up let me know 😉. From you’re fan up Big Cove. Sgi.

Tyler Taylor

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