Our style

Our style

We alway’s wanted the appeal for Buffalotown to stem from exclusivity and the shirt graphic itself.  That has been the case with most of our products. However, sometimes in streetwear, and fashion, people buy not for a specific look, but because of an attitude of pretentiousnessIn the end our goal was to create something to help our customerstand apart just a little bit.

To some, Buffalotown can be seen as a badge of defiance. We often feel the struggles and hustle of being a small, independent. brand. In the beginning, we were drawn to creating a product that was outside the norms of what people’s idea for a “Native-owned” clothing company should look like. We wanted customers of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to admire our "stuff". We often get compliments from individuals on our unique brand logo, which is always great to hear. The most common response has been, “I don’t know what it is, but I like that logo”. The idea behind our logo mixes the heritage aspect of our lives growing up in North Carolina and the community culture we grew up in, more specifically, tourism. We can get more in depth with that in another post. Enjoy!

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